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Here's why being a Ninilini Partner Agent (NPA) is just awesome

Benefits when you join Ninilini as NPA

  • We assign you a referral code which you can share within your networks.
  • Anyone who registers at Ninilini using your referral code becomes your Ninilini client.
  • Every time any of your clients pay for reminders at Ninilini, we credit your account with 10% commission.

Connect your friends and colleagues to Ninilini

  • Tell your friends, relatives, work colleagues and business associates about Ninilini.
  • Show them the simple process of ninilini.com and phone dial code *483*585*1#
  • Share with them your NPA Code for them to use when they register at Ninilini.

Get paid for reminders via your MPESA account

  • You can check your accumulated commissions by querying your account balance via Ninilini phone code and you can download your statement of earnings..
  • You can transfer all your earnings from your Ninilini Wallet to your MPESA Account at your own leisure.